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A Guide to EV Charge Point Management Systems (CPMS)

Posted 9th January 2024

A Guide to EV Charge Point Management Systems (CPMS)


ElectrAssure provides an intelligent Charge Point Management Systems (CPMS) for commercial fleets. The software platform is used to help connect the user to the hardware, with operators gaining access to a wide variety of benefits. With a simple dashboard and access to analytical tools and data, CPMS software helps businesses better manage the switch to EV charging. In this article, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about Charge Point Management Systems (CPMS).

 What is a charge point management system (CPMS)?

 An EV Charge Point Management System (CPMS) is a software solution designed to monitor and manage your charging stations. A Charge Point Management System (CPMS) operates in real-time giving you one place to monitor everything including; status, battery charge percentage, and reporting along with other functionalities like billing and user authentication. Your Charge Point Management System (CPMS) improves the reliability and efficiency of your charging station with the goal of achieving optimal uptime.

CPMS software connects the following EV charging infrastructure components:


  • Site Electrical Supply
  • Charging stations
  • Charge points
  • Electric vehicles
  • Charge point operators
  • EV drivers

 Why Use Chare Point Management Systems (CPMS)?

 Every business, no matter what industry or sector, is looking at ways to improve sustainability and efficiency in their operations. A great way to achieve both of these things is by transitioning your commercial vehicles to Electric. There are new government incentives and grants that help with the investment for Commercial Electric vehicles however, for this transition to work it is essential to install the correct infrastructure. That’s where your Chargepoint Management System (CPMS) comes into play. This software provides a single place of management for your whole EV operation displaying important information like status and the health of your charging stations. 

 Key Features Of A CPMS

 Here are some of the key features of a high-quality CPMS: 

  • It must connect the Charge point to the grid in a way that allows for accurate monitoring of usage, maintenance, and costs
  • It connects drivers to e-mobility services, management of memberships, payments, and customer service, providing all relative data to do so
  • It provides a scalable solution to futureproof the business for effective growth powered by Electricity.
  • Provides comprehensive data and reporting that helps to analyse  EV use while reducing costs.

 Monitor And Reporting Capabilities

 CPMS is used to monitor and report on the following metrics:

  • Power used
  • CO2 saved
  • Charger status
  • Live charging data
  • Billing and revenue generation

 Management Capabilities

  • Key alerts for charger faults
  • Remote control of devices
  • Deployment of software updates
  • Driver access control through card, SMS, or smartphone app options
  • Charge point management dynamic load management (DLM) controls to maximise the power available to each vehicle without exceeding the overall supply

 How Does a Charge Point Management System Help Fleet Operators?

 CPMS software is a crucial part of the entire charging network, providing the tools to manage the charging network and processes. This significantly benefits businesses looking for a solution to charge and manage their electric vehicles at scale.

 For operators of charge points for fleet purposes, there are a few things that a CPMS provides, including greater insights to help generate revenue and reduce costs of operating charge points.

  • Charge point availability is monitored at all times to ensure maximum uptime
  • Helps better manage costs and billing for drivers and energy use
  • Reduces overall operating costs of charging infrastructure through accurate monitoring.
  • Provides reliable charging services on a consistent basis to ensure your business is always on the move.

 Benefits Of CPMS For Electric Vehicles

 A CPMS has many great benefits for businesses operating EV Fleets. By having an effective Charge Point Management System (CPMS), the business as a whole will seamlessly experience;

  • A much smoother and more effective EV charging experience that’s scalable as your business grows
  •    Higher output and efficiency helping to increase revenue
  • Lower energy costs
  • Less energy use

 Futureproof With Your CPMS 

 As a forward-thinking business, leveraging your CPMS will help you stay ahead of the curve by;

  • Saving your operations team time and effort with clever automation of recurring tasks.
  • Providing you with a quick and simple onboarding at new sites, enabling smooth scalability.
  • Helping you stay ahead of compliance requirements and new regulations.

Final Thoughts

 Commercial Electric Vehicles and effective charging solutions are the future for any business looking to stay ahead of the game. With a government push towards the swift adoption of Electric Vehicles across both the residential and commercial sectors, it is vital that EV charge point infrastructure and management is in place correctly. Installing EV charge points is stage one. Stage two is about effectively managing these charge points. Using a CPMS allows you to utilise real-time data and analysis to help manage your operation at scale. 

If you are in the process of transitioning your fleet over to an EV fleet and require a full A-Z solution please contact the ElectrAssure team today.

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