High Availability charging systems, to keep your business moving High Availability charging systems, to keep your business moving

High Availability charging systems, to keep your business moving

Depot EV Charging Solutions

As the move towards electric vehicles gains more momentum, depots nationwide are embracing the future with electric fleets. Here at ElectrAssure, we understand the range of business and EV infrastructure challenges this transition entails. From cost-effective service delivery to competitive positioning, every detail matters for your business. With over a decade of expertise in electric charging, we are your trusted partner in scaling your depot charging capabilities, tailored to meet your growth goals.

Premier Depot EV Charging Solutions for Businesses

Transitioning over to EV fleet charging might sound like a uphill challenge but it doesn’t have to be. Our EV experts at ElectrAssure are here to offer a full A-Z charging solution from initial advice all the way through to charge point installation and ongoing maintenance. Here are some other key things we can help you with.

Site Surveys: A thorough assessment to ensure optimal placement and installation of charging stations.

Equipment and Infrastructure Planning: Customised solutions that match your specific needs.

Competitive Tariffs: Ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Grant Applications: Assistance with understanding and applying for relevant grants to minimise initial your costs to adopt EV charging.

DNO Applications: Application to your DNO to upgrade your energy supply on site and utilising our partners to both. This helps to bring this cost down and deliver on a quicker timescale.

EV Fleet Expertise Across All Sectors

Our focus is on delivering exceptional depot charging solutions across all sectors. Whether you’re in the public sector, logistics, or haulage services, our versatile experience since 2004 positions us as your go-to specialist for EV depot charging.

Depot Charging Facilities That Evolve With You As You Grow

Adapting to your changing needs, whether you’re just starting with EV fleet electrification or enhancing your depot’s workplace charging capacity, our offerings are designed to grow with you:

Dedicated Account Management: Personalised oversight of your depot charging project.

Future-Proof Depot Charging Solutions: Robust infrastructure ready for tomorrow’s needs.

Easy Management and Data Access: Streamlined management of depot charging use and tariffs along with a world of useful data from your own Charge Point Management System (CPMS)

Ongoing support and maintenance: 24/7 support ensuring your workplace charging infrastructure runs smoothly. Our team are on hand to support you and ensure minimal downtime for your fleet.

Our EV Charging Stations Perfect For Depot Charging

Explore our range of fleet chargers specifically designed for larger vehicles including eHGV’s and Electric Trucks. If you are unsure what charging stations are best for your fleet don’t worry, our team can guide you in the right direction.

Case Study

The reasons Volkswagen choose ElectrAssure to deliver EV charging infrastructure for their ports and National PDI Centre.


Support for OZEV Workplace Charging Scheme

As a OZEV authorised installer, ElectrAssure can assist you with claiming Government Incentives and Grants to help reduce the cost of transitioning your fleet over to an EV Fleet.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs with 249 employees or less) are entitled to £15,000 OZEV grant funding per building or 75% of installation costs. There must be a minimum of five parking bays that are dedicated to EV charging in order to qualify. Funding is capped at £500 per parking bay for future infrastructure needs, or £850 per parking bay where there will be a working electric vehicle charging point. Charge points must be for exclusive staff or fleet use to qualify. You can claim up to 5 grants in total, but each claimed grant must be for a different site.

Read our full article about Government Incentive and Grant options.

Why Partner with ElectrAssure for Your Depot Charging Solutions?

20 Years of Experience: We’re at the forefront of commercial EV charging.

Tailored Solutions: Designed to integrate seamlessly with your business operations. We understand there is no solution that is one size fits all.

Full Turnkey service: Our team can help you every step of the way from surveys, grants, design, planning, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Are you ready to future proof your fleet?

Are you ready to elevate your depot with ElectrAssures charging solutions? Reach out to our friendly team now to discover how we can transform your fleet and workplace charging experience. Request a survey or speak directly with one of our charging experts on 01438 525264.


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