What type of chargers will I need?

The type of chargers that you need depends on several factors. What type of vehicles will you be charging? How long will the vehicles be stationary during the day and available to charge – their ‘dwell’ time? How many miles will the vehicles travel each day? In summary, longer distance per day with a shorter dwell time demands one or more 50kW+ DC Rapid Charger. Longer dwell times, e.g., working hours or overnight and shorter distances travelled per day can be satisfied by 7-22kW AC Fast Chargers.

We recommend that you don’t select the cheapest chargers, particularly if your business depends on them. The reliability of a well-supported mid-range or premium charger from a quality manufacturer will pay for itself, particularly in an operational fleet environment.

How many chargers do I need?

That depends on a number of factors. How many vehicles do you need to charge? How often do they need to be charged? Will they be charged during the working day, overnight or a combination of both?

Where should I install the chargers?

The location with the lowest installation costs is as close to the electrical supply as possible. However, this may not be possible for reasons of vehicle or driver access. If commercial vehicles are to be charged, the charging bays should be sized accordingly.

Will my site have enough power available for the chargers?

The electrical capacity of the site is the most frequent obstacle to installing the number and size of chargers required on a site. ElectrAssure will carry out a survey of the site to establish the capacity available and the existing electrical load. If the supply is to be upgraded, ElectrAssure can deal with the local electrical Distribution Network Operator to request an upgrade on your behalf.

Do I need maintenance?

To maximise the reliability and availability of your chargers, ElectrAssure offers both annual planned maintenance and call-fix maintenance. High levels of availability of the chargers is essential to build driver confidence and to keep your operational EVs moving.

How will I control the use of the chargers?

ElectrAssure will provide a Chargepoint Management System (CPMS) to monitor and control access to the chargers. Each authorised driver can access the chargers using either an App or an RFID card.

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